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The Story

The chocolate chip cookie is an American classic. But as I visited coffee shops, dessert shops, and bakeries around the country, I noticed these beautiful desserts with gleaming sauces and fruit piled on top, with accents, crumbles, and even flowers surrounding them. Then there was the cookie, in a corner, seemingly being ignored. The desserts always seemed to be driven-in or made offsite by a patisserie, but the cookies thrown together in the back as an “oh yeah we should have cookies too” after-thought. And the taste would be even more disappointing: dry, crumbly, cakey, just plain boring. As I watched expressions, people bought them with a hopeful expectation, but kept eating with buyer’s remorse simply because they’d already paid for it.

Seeing that this was a classic whose character and quality were seriously ignored, and in need of an expert revamping, I set out to become that expert. I wanted to perfect the chocolate chip cookie, and make it as over-the top as some other desserts I’d seen.

There’s a real science behind a great cookie. I spent almost a year tirelessly studying recipes and ingredients combinations, and tweaking batch after batch after batch… until I had it! A chocolate chip cookie with a slightly crispy edge, a chewy, gooey center, and quality chocolate chunks that would satisfy any chocolate craving. It wasn’t dry, cakey, or crumbly! I was obsessed with my new creation and decided to make 23 flavor spinoffs pulling inspiration from classic desserts, nostalgic treats, and current trends. Each flavor was more over-the-top than the last. Some of the cookies are baked with fruit reductions, others are topped with nuts, but they all have the same texture and quality you’ve come to expect in a cookie – a chewy gooey center and loads of chocolate!

The Founder

Bridget is the founder and flavor-fusion specialist at Badunkachunk. Her favorite childhood memories are ones where she spent the afternoon making cookies, brownies, cakes and anything else sweet in the kitchen. Her grandmother had a serious sweet-tooth too, and would always have a homemade chocolate cake at every family gathering. Bridget would always use baking as a creative outlet and a way to relax, until she realized that’s what she should be doing full time.

Bridget is former corporate sales executive and a graduate of The University of Tennessee’s Marketing program, where she took a class in her final semester whose premise was that if you provide a high-quality product, you will always have a loyal following. Thus, using high-quality ingredients is the foundation of Badunkachunk.

She started Badunkachunk in San Diego, CA and is looking forward to shipping these designer cookies around the country to your doorstep!