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Contact us - place an order or for inquiries about your order for general questions  (800-930-9721)
1) What's the shelf life of a cookie? Badunkachunk doesn't use additives or preservatives, so we recommend the cookies will be best in their sealed package in a container for 5-7 days. (If you can resist easting them that long.) You can also freeze the cookies where they should last around 1 month.
2) Does refrigerating or freezing the cookies make them last longer? We don't recommend refrigerating the cookies, since it will dry them out. You can freeze the cookie right away and they will last around a month. To defrost simply keep them at room temperature for an hour and they'll be ready to eat. 
3) Are all of your ingredients organic? We always use organic eggs and organic Kerrygold Irish butter. We try to use other fresh and organic ingredients when available.
4) Do you offer custom cookies? We do not customize any orders.
5) Are any of your cookies gluten-free? We have two flourless cookies: in both the Dark Chocolate Raspberry and the Cookies Wears Cream, no flour is used, however, the Cookies Wears Cream does have broken oreo pieces in it which may contain gluten.
6) What about allergies? We produce the cookies in a facility which processes peanuts, tree nuts, as well as other nut-based products, gluten, soy and milk. We follow standard safety and cross-contamination prevention procedures, but recommend you proceed with caution if you have an allergy to any of these ingredients.